Presentation Letter




Presentation Letter


3126 Rittenhouse St NWW
Washington , DC 20015
July 10, 2005

Mrs. Elaine Fisher
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Dear Elaine,

As a spokesman for every person who participated in Morgans Over America
IV, we thank you for your uncountable contributions in creating such a
wonderful Morgan family experience for us. We will never forget it and
your help.

Your skills at planning and arranging the accomodations, itineraries,
special events, so many other details ensured that each participant
would have a terrific time. Most of us had planned our MOA IV trip for a
year or so, and at times it seemed too much for us. When we realized
that you and the lads had been planning for five years, we realized why
everything was so much fun and went so smoothly. It took us a while to
realize that it was due to your genuine care for us and your attention
to countless details, many of which we still haven't even considered.

Thanks also for your ever-present people skills. Each time someone had a
question, problem, special request, or reason to celebrate, you were the
"go to lady" who made him or her feel happy and special. None of us
will forget the anniversary and birthday parties we shared with our new
found friends., and the many favors you did for all of us. You did all
these things with grace and charm, and we're sure sometimes you were
quite tired and would have preferred having a relaxing drink with your
feet up. We wonder if you have ever served in the diplomatic service?
You could sure teach us a thing or two about caring for people.

At the Great Finish Banquet in Basking Ridge, we wanted to show you our
very deep appreciation for all you hard work and genuine caring for each
of us. We wanted to express our feelings in the very best way, and of
course some of us are more gifted at oral expression than others.

We thought it quite appropriate for you to have one of the very first
Peter Morgan memoral medals, and we arranged with Jim Baker to make your
in hallmarked sterling silver. We received them in the USA during MOG
35, and you should receive your medal via FedEx on or about July 13.

We hope you like the medal, and please understand that it represents a
very small token of our deep appreciation of thanks, admiration and
respect. Elaine, you are a very special and caring lady!


Alan B Marsh
Alan B. Marsh, for all
Morgans Over America IV

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