Presentation Letter




Presentation Letter



Dear Follow MOA IV Adventurers;


Pat and I returned home on July 16th after successfully driving 14000 miles in our 4/4. It was a great trip.


As you know we parted company on June 15th with Pat and I heading north to Cape Cod, Boston (where we spent two days), Augusta, Maine where we picked up the portion of MOA III that we could not do and drove it. The first few days were lonely as we had gotten used to the hustle and bustle of 43 Morgans in the parking lot at night and the morning plus driving with other Morgans. Eventually we settled into a routine and had a pleasant time. At the end of the drive (Hereshey, PA.) we headed south to Washington where we spent 3 days and then south to Pauline, South Carolina where we stayed with Lee and Trisha Gaskins, a follow Morgan driver whom some of you might know.


On June 30th, we headed north with the Gaskins to MOG35 for the weekend of July 1 to 5th. It was a pleasure to see follow MOA IV partipants Allan Marsh, Ed. Zielinski and Charlie Miller drive up and join in the fun.


 MOG35 was a great experience and one that Pat and I hope to repeat. However the Sunday night banquet cannot be repeated as it was a thrill to be asked by Alan Marsh to come up to the Podium and be presented with the Peter Morgan Memorial Metal in appreciation of my driver's briefing on MOA IV by my follow participants. Thank you all so much for the thought. Every day when I walk by it, I think of the comraderie, great parties, talks over a beer and great sights that we enjoyed together. It will forever remind me of you and the six weeks we spent together.


I am sure that at some time in the future, we will meet agains and once again share the experience of a great Morgan event. As a friend of mine says, "There is nothing like the sight and noise of a group of Morgans on the highway to get your heart pounding." Bring on the next Morgan drive.


Once again thank you so much for the woderful gift. If you are ever in BC give us a call and we can get together. There is always a bed at our house.


Happy Morganeering, safe driving and best wishes.

Regards. Ken



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