Presentation Letter




Presentation Letter




126 Rittenhouse Street NW
Washington, DC 20015
June 29, 2005

Dr Jeremy Harrison
433 Aigburth Road
L17 6BJ England

Dear Jeremy,

As a spokesman for every person who participated in Morgans Over America IV, I thank you for your uncountable contributions in creating such a marvelous Morgan family experience for us. We will never forget it and your help.

Your initial thoughts as a little boy dreaming of driving a car through a Giant Sequoia tree led to your decision to do just that in a Morgan, and to invite along a bunch of Morgan mates, many of whom you'd never met. Since the early planning stages of Morgans Over America in 1990 through the successful conclusion of Morgans Over America IV this month, your wonderful enthusiasm has been obvious and has kindled Morgan driving adventures and vast amounts of pleasure throughout the worldwide Morgan family.

Your skills at planning and arranging so very many details ensured that each participant would have a terrific time; human nature is such that we had to stop and ask ourselves "Why are things so much fun and going so smoothly? Happenstance?" It took some of us a while to realize that it was due to your care for us and your attention to the countless details we'd never even think of.

Thanks also for your ever-present master mechanic skills. It seemed that almost every time someone had a Morgan Malfunction, you were the first to assist with the correct diagnosis, ready-at-hand parts and tools, and your manual dexterity. I won't soon forget your offering up a small container of every conceivable bolt, washer, and nut that could possibly come ajar - and it seemed they all were stainless steel at that! Thus, Richard was able to quickly secure his bouncing luggage rack, one side of which had come adrift, while the best I could offer was a banana.

At the Great Finish Banquet in Basking Ridge, all of us wanted to show you our very deep appreciation for all your hard work and your genuine caring for each one of us. Everyone wanted to express our feelings in the very best way, and some of us are more gifted at oral expressions than others.

We thought it quite appropriate for you to have one of the very first Peter Morgan memorial medals, and we arranged with Jim Baker to make yours in hallmarked sterling silver. You should receive it on or about June 30th via UPS. To top off the proper medal presentation protocol, Jim showed extraordinary restraint when he saw you at the races on the weekend, with the medal in his pocket!

We hope you like the medal, and please understand that it represents a small token of our deep appreciation of thanks, admiration, and respect. Jeremy, you are a very special person!



Alan B. Marsh
for all Morgans Over America IV participants






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