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I had suggested to Jeremy that an “MOA IV European Perspective Diary” would serve as a great souvenir and reminder of the kaleidoscope of events that inevitably meld into a blur and also an opportunity for all to contribute with their own slant. It then seemed churlish not to volunteer as collator and Editor as he already had his hands full!

The call for contributors ahead of the trip brought only a modest but enthusiastic response. I am glad to report that the support once on the road was great, and thanks to all those eventually “volunteering” for your efforts and contributions. As promised I kept to the two day ration commitment which means my contribution is limited to filling the “slack” days.

My tour participant booklet served as the rota call for The Tour Diary and I idly began to note in it the various mechanical misfortunes that inevitably accompany such a demanding trip. The idea was to add these to the commentary each day. Little did I realise what a Pandora’s Box I was creating so that this now merits a separate Faults Register!

I have taken the liberty of only minor editorial changes, commonality of terms, grammer! etc and added in highlights any extra commentary I thought necessary - such is my privilege! Jeremy plans a photo record linked to the daily journal on the MOA IV website, so with pictures providing a thousand words you have a real treat in store.

Sit back and enjoy this magnum opus ……………………………….
Chris “Tonto” Godwin

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