Diary - Day P2




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P-2 Tuesday May 9th - San Francisco CA



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We left promptly for the BOBAC compound in Oakland to collect the cars. All were under cover and safely roped off in their corner of the vast warehouse. There were a variety of problems in getting cars started and after sorting the inevitable paperwork all eventually exited, other than Uli Nater who had inadvertently fouled his plugs!
Thankfully Phil Fisher pitched up with a trailer and en route to his residence to get Uli’s car going we all filled up with petrol. At this stage Rene Viret found petrol cascading from the rear onto the garage forecourt. A portent of things to come!
At the Fishers residence Uli extracted his plugs, dried them and then drove the car off the trailer. In the meantime turning attention to Rene’s car he explained work had been done on his fuel pumps and further investigation revealed that both filler pipes had jubilee clips at the neck of tank that for some reason had been slackened off, but never retightened! Easily rectified.
All had returned safely to the hotel but we found Gerry Pell had a fractured fan rim problem – a saga that lasted intermittently one way or another until Day 21!
After a saunter along Fisherman’s Wharf we took early drinks at the Reception suite and with Steve Roake we went to the delightful Kellerman residence for dinner and to meet up again with Susan, son Zack and his wife.

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