Diary - Day P1




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P-1 Wednesday May 11th - San Francisco CA



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After breakfast at a congenial café across the road from the hotel, there was a run for the cars, drivers and navigators today!
Escaping San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge to Headland View on a sunny day, neither fog nor rain the latter miraculously lifting after several days as our aircraft had landed two days earlier. We were surely blessed.
The drive along Coast Road 1 was truly scenic and we ended up at Bill Fink’s residence where we enjoyed an excellent buffet, general natter and viewing of assorted cars.
Jeremy and I went for a blast in one of Bill’s current projects, a heavily modified Chevrolet V8 powered +8 – awesome, and the experience was captured on film.
After a detour to Bodega Bay we returned via main roads and to the Great Start Banquet that evening – a splendid Italian Buffet.
Steve Roake gave an excellent introductory speech, how sad after doing so much for so long that he cannot share in our trip. Perhaps this diary and the copious pictures will provide a little in way of compensation to him.

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