Diary - Day 8




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Day 8 Thursday May 19th Page, Lake Powell AZ

Jane & Harold Halliday

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More than one night in the same hotel for the first time since San Francisco!
However MOAers seem unable to rest and scattered across the vastness of Arizona in search of even more unmissable scenery. Monument Valley was visited by both car and plane, Lake Powell was sailed as far as Rainbow Bridge – with a hot walk at the end due to the drought conditions and very low water levels.


Not wishing to drive through Kayenta three times in two days (and having been lucky enough to visit Monument Valley previously) I did our laundry! This proved a highly sociable event and a non-MOAer told us about the excellent Public Library with reasonably priced internet access – so Harold went off to check our mail while I wished we had a washing line – it would have taken seconds in the baking heat of Arizona.
Released once more into the sunshine we went up to Grand Canyon Dam. Aware of security concerns I left my Swiss army knife in the car. This was not enough - I was instructed to leave my handbag in the car. I returned clutching my passport, driving licence and money as I had no pockets - surely an invitation to any passing mugger. Audrey & Colin had similar problems while we were there – Audrey decanted everything from her tiny but inadmissible bag to pockets, while the security staff allowed similarly sized but strapless clutches/bags in- these were classed as “wallets”.
We enjoyed the views of the dam and exhibits but did not have time for the full dam tour as we had the raft float down the Colorado River next.
We experienced the comforts of a bus in the two mile tunnel drive down to the water. This tunnel had no lighting and at one point a van going coming up had to squeeze past. For security (again) all our bags had to go down ahead in a separate truck.
The float was wonderful. Our guide Matt, a cheerful lad from New Zealand, let the current move us gently along while he pointed out features of interest and then with engines started we made swifter progress over the really chilly waters. Part way we made landfall to see the Pictographs. A sudden noise above and looking up we saw a crow skilfully avoid the talons of an eagle. Back to the river and we saw rainbow trout swimming below us in crystal clear waters.
On landing at Lees Ferry we drove past Marble Canyon, over the Navajo Bridge and finally onto the main road for our return to Page. The comforts of an air conditioned coach proved soporific!
Back at the hotel we heard news of all the various trips. After dinner Elaine and Linda returned from their Country &Western restaurant and were sorry we had not joined them; they had been treated as guests of honour because of Linda’s car.
It was only at this stage we realised the sheer effort needed to keep this MOA show on the road as on her day off, while Phil had returned to Phoenix to collect his car, she had been getting the next batches of route plans ready for the morning start.

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