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Day 6 Tuesday May 17th Prescott AZ –Grand Canyon Village AZ

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Arose 05.30.
Still hopelessly trying to pack the car, will try again tomorrow (29 days to go –Ed).
Started the journey in good spirits, despite a scrum for some at breakfast. We slowed at one stage to allow three dogs to cross the road - in their own time of course. Realised that despite all that we are enjoying so much, we are still missing our dog Jack and Sam the cat. This feeling quickly passed however.
Visited the English Kitchen at Jerome, our first stop of the day. Had tea made in a teapot. Bliss! The lady who runs the place turned out to be Welsh, and she had emigrated some 25 years previously. She actually recognised Jenny and Richard Seys surname as meaning Englishmen in Welsh.
Very tempted to buy a tea towel which read “When I married Mr Right I did not realise his first name was always”. Too soon to rock the boat so decided against this.
Saw growing in wild abundance on the roadsides something which looked like a Calla Lily – beautiful.

Filled up with petrol at a town named Cornville. A very pleasant lady pulled up alongside, interested in the cars, asked how many were on the tour, and where we were travelling to. On learning there were Swiss amongst us she insisted we had from her a card giving details of a wonderful Swiss Inn situated just outside Cornville. These people are so nice but so impracticable. We did in fact keep the card feeling it should be treasured; it took the dear lady a good 15 minutes to turn out her impossibly capacious and extremely untidy handbag to find the card for us.
Sedona is our second stop. What a lovely town, the red brick colour so good, even the water tower on the hill was colour co-ordinated. A town of flowers and trickling water, pretty shops and everywhere always such pleasant people, all wishing to hear of our travels and delighted that we were enjoying our trip so much.
This town is also different in another way, it is the only town in the world to have a different coloured McDonalds sign, and here it is green. (Our thanks to the Lacey’s for this information gem).
On next to Oak Creek Vista. Great views, wonderful scenery, lovely wayside places selling Indian jewellery. Toilets quite something too, lift the lid and face the same drop as the Canyon. Scary stuff.
Managed to get slightly lost on the way to Flagstaff, perhaps something to do with the aforementioned experience, our minds not altogether back on track.
Then on via 12700 feet pass to the Grand Canyon Village and Maswik North Lodge. The cabins in the village were interesting and nature was at truly your door. We were delighted to have deer gather at the car, they were not there long sadly, such lovely shy creatures. Jenny and Richard Seys saw a Stag, he was magnificent they said.
The Canyon itself. What is left to say about this place? It is awesome; to be viewed in silence and peace and given the reverence you would give a Cathedral. It is a place of incomprehensible size, its age billions of years, and yet when you look down into its depths you feel so special, as if something has been arranged for you personally to share in. We understand five million people visit the Grand Canyon each year. We do hope they are all able to capture this feeling it is so inspirational, we wanted to paint pictures, write about it in detail, let thoughts soar, what a laugh - we cannot even find the words to explain our thoughts.
1. All in all a totally unforgettable day one we will remember for the rest of our lives, as we do not believe we will see anything that will ever thrill so much as the truly mighty Grand Canyon.
Such a searing impact encroaches perhaps a little on the following day’ programme, but yes we did get up in time to view the sunrise - sadly disappointing but nevertheless we made the effort.
(PSThey never really sorted their packing, they had simply brought too much!– Ed)

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