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Day 4 Sunday May 15th Fullerton LA – Needles CA

Audrey Dockery & Colin Trott

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Because of today’s higher mileage everyone made a really early start – what a shame our group took the wrong road, the inadvertent “scenic route” adding another 30 miles to the journey!
Some of the highways have signage saying “Adopt a Road”…..?? Interesting! Maybe we will learn more about this later. (Did they...? It is an example that I would commend to the UK for as a nation we are hopeless in our litter control – I sometimes despair. In USA local organisations, families etc commit to clean up an assigned stretch of highway. The cleanliness of American society was particularly reinforced to us on our visit to Watkins Glen after a large race meeting totally litter free. Visiting such an event in the UK we would have been awash in mess. That’s enough of my soapbox for the day! Ed)
In Rialto we visited the Wigwam Village Motel – a famous icon of Americana built around 1949.

The drive was so varied but quite fantastic. Nearly 300 miles of desert in a blistering heat that topped 110F(43C) at one stage A tad hot for some of us still acclimatising. Thank goodness for the lip balm given to us all in the registration packs.
Throughout the scenery changed from snow capped mountains to rocky barren backdrops to hillsides dotted with yucca plants. The air was still, quiet without birdsong (when the Mog engines were switched off). The bear on the side of the road albeit dead was the only evidence of wildlife. At times it was difficult to comprehend the vastness of all this space. Even the railroad trains were ginormous and in some cases over a mile long!
We were travelling on one of the most famous roads in the world – Route 66 or The Mother Road as coined by Steinbeck. Built in the 1920’s to connect Chicago to Los Angeles through 8 States it is some 2400 miles long. Museums packed with memorabilia told many a story. Victorville and Barstow both had interesting Route 66 Museums and an interesting Railway Museum at the latter Souvenirs were purchased and both cars and hats began sporting badges and pins.
And so to our accommodation Best Western Colorado Inn.

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