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Day 35 Wednesday June 15th stop over Baskins Ridge NJ


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Greeted by 80F(27C) grabbed breakfast and got last place on bus to Bernardsville Station for Hoboken train then 09.20 Ferry to Battery Park.
My mission today to visit the revamped Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).


Over the years I have spent a lot of time in New York on business but nevertheless taken time out to see/visit all the usual sights but the arrival at Battery Park was particularly poignant for me. Several hundred of my former colleagues had died nearby on 9/11, including three Brits (Ben, Bob & Katy) I had recruited and who worked for me in UK and with their specialist skills had then found career opportunities with the Group in US.

I had not wished to see the site but had no choice on the overhead walk to the nearest subway and somehow things were not as bad as I had feared.
On a happier note to MoMA at 10.35 and only a 15 minute queue and discovered it been closed on Tuesday anyway!
I found it stunning - what a massive and truly overpowering eclectic collection. There is such a diversity of artists, media and materials whether paintings, sculpture, architecture, design drawings and everyday icons, historic to contemporary.
The choice is bewildering but I found the Friedlander photography exhibition outstanding. It was a truly gripping four hours and all for $20, what great value. A recommended must on any visit to NY.
Strolled back to Penn Central and then train back and whilst waiting at a station change met Manu & Annick on way up to NY City.

Kemosabe had gone to NY with the Fishers so, ahead of shipment the next day, I relaxed by cleaning his lilac car that had served us so well and then gave myself a wash down!
Dinner that evening at Grains Restaurant and by the end there was quite a crowd of us swapping stories of the day.


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