Diary - Day 34




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Day 34 Tuesday June 14th stop over Baskings Ridge NJ


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An eventual executive decision was reached over coffee around 07.00 that a trip to New York City would be best planned for tomorrow, as an early return for tonight’s Banquet and Awards would be needed.
Everyone seemed to be doing their own thing, visiting friends, some to NY City and some even travelling at less than warp speed (we know who they are). After chewing the cud with several, I tried in vain to change traveller’s cheques at Hotel and local Banks, so eventually ended up with an obliging Burger King Manager who said I looked trustworthy!!
Helped with speech writing, including Jeremy’s valedictory epistle sorted clothes papers etc ahead of the final packing, updated route maps with magic marker and grabbed the last fast food lunch.

The heat was stifling ahead of dinner but Colin Cundy our MOG photographer par excellence arranged a photo shoot in the car park at 17.30.

Thereafter we moved indoors for drinks and an excellent meal including peppercorn beef.
The final speeches (for Jeremy’s see website - Ed), and awards – including a certificate for MogDog Cricket! A moving occasion particularly as the finality of it all begins to sink in.
And so to bed to discover that the temperatures had been so abnormal that Schools had been allowed out at mid-day!

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