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Day 31 Saturday June 11th stop over Toronto, Ontario


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With a free day the MOAers are left to do their own things.
We plan to do a simple City Tour and then play it by ear. Glad to see Jim Robinson back - so he can continue to replenish oil! Hopped onto shuttle to the yellow Double Decker Tour starting in Yonge Street – the longest street in the world at some 1100 miles – a great trivial pursuit or pub challenge question. Saw all the sights even down to the shortest regular ferry journey in the world, 90 seconds and 70 trips a day!

Found the diversity of architecture particularly striking ( I thought of Steve Roake as he would have relished the contrasting sights) old and new, stone brick and steel, some very avant garde as witness the Art Museum and of course the older Casa Loma Folly in the northern hills.
The city has pushed out several hundred metres into the Lake from the original jetties on Front Street and copes with 2.5 million commuters a day. At the Metro Convention Centre there was a body building competition starting, so some great chassis’ in view - not cars for a change! Chinatown seemed particularly friendly and welcoming.

Strolled back to the hotel from bus tour base and after a late light lunch were accosted by an exhausted David Jones who had been toiling over his car in the underground parking. Conditions there were such that you could forego the sauna facility on Floor 17 and spend the afternoon at Level 1 and probably shed more fluids and weight!!
A water leakage from the carburettor pre heat (overcomes icing) meant that the gasket was shot and dismantling was just not on. Cooler brains (Jeremy) solved the problem as in mid summer this item would not be needed and so the simple expedient of disconnecting the both inlet/outlet pies and joining them together (by pass as in heart ops) meant no leakage. All it needed was some extra jubilee clips!
Whilst recovering and rehydrating in our room we got a call from the Merrett’s who had been stopped in the suburbs by the police and could not produce any documents for Fiona’s car….the officer had been unhappy with the number plates and then the inquisition and lecturing had begun. Kemosabe and Tonto have a well rehearsed routine for such an event in open cars and imparted it to Keith* “…Officer we have experienced thefts on this trip from open vehicles and so all such items are kept back at our hotel…” We confirmed that he was wrong in that International Driving Permit was not needed as UK driving licence OK and original plates in totally order for temporary import.
They finally escaped after another 30 minutes as he checked with his superiors. Someone had clearly got out of the wrong side of bed today!
*(Incidentally you may never need to purchase a pay&display parking ticket again as a variation on the gambit is “…well I did buy one but some thieving b…..d has stolen it” or the less convincing “it must have blown away” -Ed)
Dinner in the evening was at “Home on King” and Elaine’s voice had finally succumbed to the viral bug ravaging the tour, so as well as his own speech (see website -Ed) Jeremy had to impersonate her – seemingly both bodily and tonsorially!





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