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Day 30 Friday June 10th Niagara – Toronto, Ontario


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Violent thunderstorms in the night and I dread to think how the interior of the car is. Devoured the complimentary breakfast and sorted a couple of minor mechanical matters, Manu de Vicq with broken exhaust strap (rectified with nylon ties) and Andrew Duncan sticking throttle WD40’d and still with no return throttle springs – clearly likes living dangerously.
Others had decided to visit delightful Niagara on the Lake (done yesterday) quilt shopping (K had done this at Galena). We decide to go direct and after carefully scooping water from the strategically placed hood below the tonneau zip we make a leisurely 10.30 departure – to experience Kamikaze style driving yet again!
Glad to make exit at Mississauga to the delightful home and garden of Alan & Kathy Lytle. At the end of a cul-de-sac we discovered their oasis of quiet, cool and calm.


Thankfully they have very forbearing neighbours – a “fleet" of some 40 cars was counted at one stage scattered along adjoining drive ways and road.
What superb hosts and a great spread of food and drink on an exceptionally hot day –high humidity and 27C(81F) saw dipped feet in the pool and Roger Lacey spied swimming. Although the first to arrive at 11.30 we did not leave until 15.20 and elected the less frenetic and cooler run to Toronto along Lakeshore Drive and seemed to be going the right way at the right time! Located Spadini Avenue and the Holiday Inn on King hove into view. Decant luggage in foyer before parking in their stifling underground car park and then savour the delights of the striking skyline from the 12th floor room.
I had always been to Toronto on business in the winter with a heavy coat so was used only to scuttling around underground and in taxis – what a revelation and how so different!
On the bad news front Marj Scooros has sourced a wig, large dice “danglers” and a fluffy steering wheel cover all in Lilac, so Jeremy is in seventh heaven!


Chatted to Michael Myers who has heard the prognosis on his coolant loss - the radiator is effectively shot and a replacement is coming from UK to New York. We reminisced about the trip as a week hence it will be over (but not for him as he plans to roll on many miles more, Aero8 permitting!) and concurred the last 30 days were now already but a blur.
Dined that evening with the Kellerman’s, Norwood’s and Lisa Holley at a nearby Thai restaurant but with no aircon so compensated with amber liquid to rehydrate!
A two day stay, what a luxury and to cap it all a yellow rubber duck in the bath!

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