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Day 3 Saturday May 14th Valencia LA –Fullerton LA

Audrey Dockery & Colin Trott


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Contrary to the last two days, we started today with an activity – a visit to the Nethercutt Museum and San Sylmar Collection.
In the latter a most unbelievable collection of “functional fine art” is housed on 3 floors of an opulently decorated building in the most un-prepossessing of neighbourhoods. The Grand Salon, for example, has an ornate ceiling, edged with 24carat gold, and from which hang 15 large crystal chandeliers. The wall-to-wall sculpted carpet with embossed patterns is custom designed, whilst elsewhere the other flooring is marble, as are the towering columns.
The 50 cars on display there are outstanding examples of some of the world’s greatest classics. They are complemented by an amazing collection of ephemera, mascots, radiator caps etc. Further enhancements include a mind-blowing collection of Hummel figures, David Minter cottages (did they really make so many?), Norman Rockwell figurines, dolls, furniture…and much, much more.
The ensemble of mechanical instruments is also one of the finest and, to cap it all, in fine working order. There is a reproducing grand piano, a Welke Saohon Cottage Orchestrion, a 1923 Popper Gladiator, a Wurlitzer that has 5000 pipes and is the 2nd largest theatre organ in the world, and the list could go on and on…
In summary a visit much enjoyed by all, although NO FLASH PHOTOS proved to be a challenge to 2 ladies who had not mastered the latest camera technology – whoops…oh my!..How did that happen?…..Sorry!
Across the road there is also the new (2000) main Nethercutt Motor Museum with 200 vehicles.
Our drive to Fullerton was only 86 miles through delightful green hills. Our first taste of even hotter weather prompted the discarding of more layers of clothing…is there really going to be a heat wave?
Garrett and Harmeet Capune hosted the MMM (Morgan Memorabilia Madness) evening with Morgan’s on the lawn (seemingly a privilege for the European cars) together with the Southern California Club. Another amazing MOG collection!! 2000 items of models, posters, books, badges, paintings, sculptures, and pedal cars. and so on. How did he source this truly eclectic collection?
A delicious southwestern cuisine with plenty of suitable liquid refreshment ended another busy and enjoyable day. And so back to the Fullerton Marriott.

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