Diary - Day 29




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Day 29 Thursday June 9th at Niagara Falls, Ontario

Jane & Howard Parsons

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We bought an all-in visitor ticket and took a taxi to take us back to the Falls area. The day was very hot and humid at 85F(30C) so a visit behind the falls along dripping tunnels was true bliss. Although there are portals at the end of the tunnels behind the cascade of water, the sheer width of the cascade renders it impenetrable viewing. Most striking was the roar and noise.


There was a viewing platform at the side and we were able to look down on to seemingly miniscule Maid vessels akin to corks bobbing along, blue coated people hanging to the ships rails.


Back to Starbucks on the People Mover for an iced coffee now that we were back to high humidity where we met up with several MOAers including Kathy & George and after comparing notes moved on.
Next to Whitewater Walk down a steep cliff in an elevator to be met by a roaring racing mass of white water and constant waves. Our next stop was at Whirlpool around 15.00 and heat up to 90F(32C). A truly vast eddy and we read the story of a woman who had decided to go through the white water in a sealed barrel with her jack Russell dog which they successfully exited. However the barrel, with one air hole in it, became trapped in the Whirlpool and span continuously for six hours and when eventually retrieved she was found to have suffocated but the dog was fine because he had kept his nose over the air hole!
Back to the hotel for a freshen up and then to a banquet in the city centre Sheraton Falls View. We were introduced to Keith Ahlers and his wife Sue Keith being a Morgan racing driver they had dropped in to meet up with many old friends from their three previous MOA trips.
Great food, well served and magnificent views of the vista before us from the dining room windows. Later the falls were illuminated with red green and blue lights- truly exquisite. This was capped by a large illuminated tethered balloon that moved back and forth akin to a great harvest moon.
And so a drive back to our room for the night.

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