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Day 23 Friday June 3rd Eagle River WI - MunisingMI

Moira & George Norwood

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For many, a quick start in order to reach our destination in time to take the opportunity to view the Puhue Rocks by boat – we got there first!
As we drove you became aware of the lush bright green foliage and sparkling expanse of water and it seemed hard to believe how different these landscapes look at other times of the year. The signs for sleigh rides and ski slopes bring this home to you . The logging industry now becomes part of the local scenery.

A river crossing made me wonder if its inhabitants knew more about it than the fisherman “Laughing Whitefish”. En route to Munsising there were a couple of sights recommended for visit, one being Iron Mountain Mine (closed in 1945) that included a half mile train ride down the shaft and a temperature of only 42F.

Next the Iron Industry Museum highlighted the fact in real economic terms of the era iron contributed far more than gold to the American economic success $50 billion, with gold equivalent only a third thereof. (A real turn on for connoisseurs of rust, seriously very good and where Vern was reunited with his lost oil filler cap! -Ed)
The Rocks cruise was blessed with calm hot weather that permitted the skipper to extend the trip. The colours and shapes that nature has etched on this landscape are truly striking and need to be seen form the water to be truly appreciated.
The evening was finished off by an impromptu “beach” party in the parking lot of our Best Western Hotel at Munising. Morgan owners Tom, Kari & Emily Esse had driven the 5 hours from Milwaukee to meet and share the evening with us and the mosquitoes. They currently have a 1958 Plus 4 and 1958 Plus 4 4 seater. Emily their young daughter showed her evident talent as an artist and produced a superb sketch of Cricket, Lisa Holley’s dog.
Another very happy and enjoyable day


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