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Day 22 Thursday June 2nd Duluth MN – Eagle River WI

Moira & George Norwood

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The programme for the day seemed quite sedate and we set off in the traditional MOAer style : woolly hats, gloves and occasional flying helmet unearthed from the bottom of the suitcase well pressed – there was clearly a distinct chill in the air!
On the approach to Port Wing it became apparent that we were not the only intrepid veterans on the road, as we saw coming towards us a dressed in lycra shorts helmet and gloves, a veteran roller skater! Fortunately he had good control over his wheels.

A roving reporter mentioned that a bear had been spotted on SR13 near Bayfield and that a it had an immediate aversion to a lilac coloured car approaching at speed and fled from the road to the forest!* Lilac seemed to be so conspicuous with the summer retreat spotted in a wooded roadside coppice near Mercer of the same colour! This area also had an abundance of lilac lupins along the roadside so Jeremy should have felt at home. (* For the sake of veracity we had admittedly overtaken a couple of Mogs at some speed but did slow down in deference to our lilac bodywork and even had enough time to capture the bear on video ambling across the road from centreline into the side growth! Ed)
We found Bayfield, dominated by Brownstone buildings, specialised in hats so we had to have one and the natural choice was of course red! Lac du Flambeau revealed a pair of ducking and diving loons. It seemed the region was barely out of winter.
Once settled at our destination the Chanticleer Inn at Eagle River several were drawn to the ocean waves - albeit on a tranquil lake. A couple of small pontoons were launched with Captains Peter Camm & Paul van der Straten in charge with a spirited standing start we set off on an adventure to explore the islands. Things of interest spotted were : a bear dressed in blue trousers and red shirt, plastic palm trees, rubic cube house and naturally plenty of plastic ducks !
On approaching a secluded inlet Commodore Harrison was spotted on land so it was only right and proper that all should be upstanding to attention on the trusty vessel and give the appropriate salute! Capt. Camm became over zealous and put the craft into overdrive and all the “crew” tumbled over.

Pontoons returned safely to harbour and the “I’m for rent sign” replaced I am told in an appropriate place – on the Commodore’s car!
So to an end of a sedate day one of the highlights for us of course spotting a golf course called Norwood!


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