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Day 2 Friday May 13th San Luis Obispo - Valencia LA

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After the 08.00 briefing from Ken Miles (Tour Leader) we set off rather apprehensively, hoping the Friday 13th curse would not strike. The sea was soon far behind us, not to be seen again until we reach the Atlantic but plenty of water forseen in between indeed much sooner than anticipated !.
The route was to take us through the scenic Los Padres National Forest but the best laid plans and Friday 13th we were greeted by a policeman at a road block, there had been a rock slide along the planned route.
Undaunted and being resourceful Morganeers we laid out a few blankets, pooled all the food we had in the cars and had a picnic ! The poor officers in the adjacent fire station suddenly found a queue of desperate motorists all requesting to use their facilities. They were very helpful so we shared our food and chatted with them. Then one of them then suddenly announced there was a rattlesnake by their back door. We never stayed long enough to find out whether this was true but can recommend it as an excellent way of getting rid of house guests who outstay their welcome ! The Friday13th curse struck again when the Camms suffered a broken hand brake cable. We set off on the detour recommended by the firemen and the odd watersplash or two apart (what a surprise the cars already wet in a searing heat !) it was an uneventful run to our Hyatt hotel at Valencia.

Beware Water !

The hot evening was thoroughly enjoyed at the drinks and food party so generously hosted by Dennis Glavis (Morgans West) at the gated community facility on Woodlands Drive only 2 miles from our hotel.


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