Diary - Day 16




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Day 16 Friday May 27th McPherson KS- Kansas City MO

“Tonto” substituting for Trudy Hughes & Jim Robinson

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Alas through some miscommunication over assigned diary days you get two perspectives of Day 14 and as a penance I have to do this one – for me an eventful day!
We started by returning to McPherson College but this time to their unique and highly acclaimed Auto Restoration course. Despite being in the throes of a faculty upgrade and reorganisation we were given a comprehensive tour of the facilities and this illustrated in some detail the logical stages of any full renovation.

Time was pressing and as both Roger& Linda Lacey were unwell I was designated to drive their car with Roger as passenger (Linda with Jeremy) the 220 miles or so to Kansas City. On sitting in the car and acclimatising, setting things up I found the odometer had never been used – “it’s not in the Instruction Manual” mumbled Roger.
He bravely gave navigation details but after a vomit stop we pulled into Council Grove for a break and snack. In this quaint town we were served by a Mennonite family in a very homely atmosphere. In the meantime our casualties were sitting on the roadside kerb in the shade but a more comfortable and relaxing solution was to stretch them out on our back up flat bed trailer (vacant for once !) where they both immediately fell asleep. They had joined illustrious company as Fiona was fast asleep in the cab having succumbed to the same bug! On awaking they are seated in the luxury of a large cruiser and continue to Kansas City in cool comfort.

Kemosabe and Tonto plough on in both cars and there is a near disaster when K tries to ignore his leading trusty guide and leave the very busy Interstate at J223B and not the indicated J228B – he recovers well and we are now in torrential rain and very heavy rush hour traffic, exacerbated by road works on US56.
As we inch along Shawnee Mission Highway we see the Fryrear’s car stopped at the road side so we naturally pull over to assist. I put the hood up on Roger’s car then wander over to help, feel dizzy and as they say the rest is history!
Whilst seated on the fender of Ben’s car an off duty nurse pulls over and both she and Judy Fryrear (also a nurse) provide a swig of water I vomit and pass out again. A passing Samaritan sees me lying on the grass and calls 911 reporting a motor accident and in some five minutes we have the full panoply of services - Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade. The Friday night commuters must be cursing! On being checked over and vomiting over the paramedic I agree to a hospital ride as there were concerns at my pulse rate.
It was reassuring to see out of the ambulance rear window Lilac Mog with Jeremy & Judy behind us and the Fire Engine behind them - what a striking convoy!
Less reassuring over the next hour or so was Jeremy taking photos of me at every opportunity – perhaps he would replay these to Sue as a “souvenir” of my last moments!
Perhaps his judgement is warped by the prospect of inheriting the Bentley Continental Seriously I could not fault the promptness, level of care, attention and investigation - the problem finally being attributed simply to an over sensitive reaction to raw onion coleslaw at lunch. After negotiating release I cannot obviously report on much of the evening’s events other than that Jeremy was most solicitous in providing a constant supply of tea courtesy of The Quarterage at Westport – Earl Grey of course!
It was apposite to hear that the trio of Fiona, Linda & Roger had also gone to a local hospital and had needed rehydrating. Incidentally Roger had passed us and seen his car parked up and me on the ground - an unforgettable day in so many senses.


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