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Day 15 Thursday May 26th Liberal KS – McPherson KS

Trudy Hughes & Jim Robinson

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Heavy overnight rain experienced at Liberal.
We have also been rejoined by the Edge’s (no new pump!) and Band’s who after running repairs had both arrived very early in the morning having driven direct from Santa Fe - we were to be caught much later in the day by Andrew Duncan.
(Gerry Pell’s replacement fan from Bill Fink has now seized - call to Rutter! Ed)
Our first stop today was the Dalton Gang Hideout at Meade. We found this an interesting stop for they were all brothers (some had even been law officers at one stage) and for example each of the houses had escape tunnels going from one building to another. We also noticed that each room in the house had an outside door just in case the house was to get fireballed then they would still be able to escape.
Menacingly then rain comes, so now its time for roofs up on the Morgans.

Next we are heading towards Dodge City - to be honest with you perhaps we should have “dodged” this place as so little of the original remains and the town has a run down air with many shops closed down. (We found a jewel the Carnegie Picture Gallery -Ed). I also recall it smelt awful from the cattle pens surrounding the town. However, we had stopped for some lunch and ate at the "Applebee’s" restaurant the most famous restaurant in town. I also recall the big trains always going up and down making a great sound. We discover to our amusement it is the same locomotive proceeding up and back along the line with police stationed on the front of the loco radioing ahead to other officers located at the various track crossings in town dispensing fines to the many motorists observed violating the track crossing “rules” - all this despite this crackdown being heavily advertised!
Fort Larned en route to our destination was stunningly well kept and an excellent illustration of the typical fort layout, also comprehensively furnished and kitted out and at one stage had been home to Custer.
The evening highlight was visiting the McPherson College and listening to the "McPherson Junior Pipe Band". We were warmly welcomed into their theatre to find that they had provided us with some beautiful homemade refreshments and various fruits and drinks.
Kathy Tollworthy was in her element as she originates from Scotland and, bless her, was having a great time getting up dancing & clapping her hands to and singing along with the band. The atmosphere in that room that night was electric. Thanks to McPherson Junior Pipe Band.
We stayed in the Best Western Holiday Manor. I can't at this stage remember it so it must have been a very nice motel?!
Incidentally some observations on our “Group”: (Myers warp speed brigade –Ed)
During our trip Annick would have to go shopping whenever we stopped no matter how small the town or how small the shop she would have to buy something.
Manu was “infamous” for leaving garments of clothing in the hotel rooms then to have them FedEx’d to the next hotel.
Margaret & Sherry would be on the look out everywhere for Wal-Mart
Michael would always have to find a garage as he was always faced with yet another problem with his brand new Aero 8
Phillip was very possessive with his Morgan and was reluctant to let Margaret drive it. When Margaret finally did get to drive it for a short while, Phillip, as passenger, would then light up his pipe!
Paul & Marie-Isabelle were our love birds. They would drive along everyday with “the Group” but it became the hare & the tortoise race. They had to slow down
because (1) “Manu's car won't go faster “ or (2) “Manu hasn't got a driving licence with him (he left it on the aeroplane) so we must stay close”


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