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Day 12 Monday May 23rd Santa Fe NM

Margaret & Philip Parkes

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A circular open bus tour gave us the opportunity to see many of the out of town centre galleries (over 250) together with a condensed history of the City & surrounding area but Museums were disappointingly closed on Mondays.
Centrally, the Plaza was a wealth of shops, galleries, restaurants and activity.

There is the “Ore House” on the Plaza (yes it used to have Wh in front) but now its only business is catering for the thirsty and hungry. Reputedly, the oldest public building in continuous use in USA, built 1610, is the Palace of the Governors. In 1909 when F S Morgan was creating cars it then became a Museum of South West history. Outside, under its shaded portals our fascination was the local American Indian artists selling their handmade wares – all licensed and guaranteed.
With its atmosphere, architecture, art, entertainment & music playing in the Plaza square and such a welcoming ambiance it was easy to see why Santa Fe draws so many tourists, being the third most popular travel destination in North America & 10th in the World.
Early evening saw us making our way two miles out of town to our reception hosts, the Bungay’s, old friends of Ben & Judy. A great spread of food and even more delectable choice of cars (Alfa 2600 Spyder, XK150DHC etc) all washed down with splendid panoramic views from an exquisite house.

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