Diary - Day 10




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Day 10 Saturday May 21st Chinle AZ – Chama NM

Paul van der Straten & Marie Isabelle

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A prompt start today as we have a long mileage. Our first stop after 2 hours of motoring is at a place called “Four Corners” the unique location in the USA where the Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah borders all abut.

A dais indicates the exact spot so we all take pictures holding hands, straddling the 4 states - great fun. The surrounding fields smothered with orange and white flowers and obviously for Jeremy’s benefit some were purple (Lilac-Ed). As we continue the journey we experience one of the many joys of our trip, dead straight roads with a blue sky backdrop often lined with power poles. We also experience our first helpings of American fast food at our lunch stop, Bloomfield’s Dairy Queen.

We then followed the signs of Aztec ruins and in this region there was a vast network of structures that took shape and flourished between 850 and 1130AD when the ancestral Pueblo people built this truly vast settlement...and incidentally this civilisation had nothing to do with the Aztecs of Mexico.
Another 100 miles of motoring and a real surprise of finding a “Switzerland” in America – Chama Pop: 1242 Elev: 7860 feet and homely welcome at the main hotel Branding Iron Motel.


Dinner at the High Country Restaurant, a typical Western bar. An excellent dinner served by 2 very efficient girls who coped admirably with the hordes of MOAers.
An Apache lady appeared during our dinner and it transpired she ran a nearby ranch and the superb filet mignon we were eating came from her herd. She also claimed descendancy to Geronimo (great great great granddaughter)! (She also invited Kemosabe to the next Apache fertility rituals! –Ed) On finishing our meal we all toasted the efficiency of the staff, both the servers and those in the kitchen, they had contributed so well to a great evening.

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