MOA IV: Shipping


UK/European Specific

Our insurers will not cover us for roll-on/roll-off shipping to the USA.
For insurance purposes, all UK/European cars must be containerised in
the UK at Birmingham. We use the Morgan Factory shippers who have proved
to be most helpful on MOA I, II and III. They have quoted the following
shipping costs at current prices (Oct 2004):

RATES FOR CONTAINERS to and from USA for all Morgans except Aero 8's:

1 x 40ft. container (3 cars - No Aero 8's) loaded Coleshill
(Birmingham) and shipped via Panama Canal to Oakland for San
Francisco depot, cars customs cleared and available
3956.00 per container

1 x 40ft. container (3 cars - No Aero 8's) loaded New York via
Southampton to Coleshill, customs cleared and available 3166.00 per

This works out at 7122 per container = 2374 per car return, as three normal
size Morgans will fit in 40 ft container.

to and from the USA for Aero 8's:

As Aero 8's are 4.11mts long, only two will fit in the container. The cost
is therefore half of 7122 = 3561 per Aero 8 return.


Our shipper, Alan Stones of Davies Turner & Co Ltd, West Midlands Freight
terminal, Station Road, Coleshill, West Midlands, B46 1DT, Direct Phone:
01675 462 171, now requires the cars at his depot by the week commencing 14th
March 2005 for loading into the containers and transfer to the chosen port
for shipping. Cars can be left at the Freight Terminal at any time in the
couple of weeks prior to this.
Transit time to San Francisco is now about 28 days. The cars need to be in
San Francisco about 14 days before we arrive to give sufficient time to move
the containers from the docks to the agent's warehouse and to get customs
clearance. The cars are being shipped on 26th March on The Bremmen Express, arriving in S.F. on the 23rd April. They then need to be customs cleared.

The return shipping from Newark will be on the 26th June arriving in Felixstowe on the 9th July. Cars will then be taken by lorry to Coleshill container base.

We have 23 cars including 2 Aero 8's being shipped to the USA which means
we have 8 full containers at a current cost of 56,976.








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